Perpetual Wealth by IWC Limited

Weinberger Wealth(™) Other Benefits


£ Includes a special fund to help finance future descendants in their Higher Education for 250-400
   years to come!


£ Includes a special fund to help finance future descendants Health needs for 250-400 years to 


£ Includes a special fund to help finance future descendants in their Various Legal Proceedings for
   250-400 years to come!



£ Funds allocated to the Weinberger Wealth(™) unit are in fact protected and registered
   immediately as an income of Weinberger Wealth(™) upon payment, with full income taxes paid,
   and replaced by complex obligatory structures in favour of your lineage, so a single member of
   the lineage can only cause damages to his own beneficiary rights, while future generations
   remain 100% protected.


£ Tailor made structures are created according to circumstance in various territories to reduce
   exposure: The United States of America (USA), The United Kingdom (UK), Switzerland, Israel,
   Malta, Panama, Singapore, Luxembourg, Jersey Island, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Cyprus, British
   Virgin Islands etc.


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